The Business Webinar: The Key To Capitalizing On The Internet
Published by Stephen Beck

Would you like me to reveal one of my most powerful internet strategies?  The strategy is known as the business webinar.  Webinars are really just a seminar that is held online.  Your audience can see your screen and hear your voice at the same time. 

You can use business webinars to increase the volume of your sales, increase the size of your sale transaction and increase the consistency of your sales.  Once you know how to use business webinars, you can truly capitalize on whatever your niche  you happen to be in.  Some of the most successful business owners use this strategy to generate significant income.

A business webinar is used by both online and offline businesses.  Video is now a major component of the online experience and a webinar is simply like controlled television.  Live video provides information to people in the format they are already used to ...TV!

One of the best benefits of a business webinar is the leverage of presenting your information to hundreds of people at the same time.  Think about how wonderful it would be if you held a business webinar and conserved your marketing dollars for direct marketing, direct mail or phone calls. Use the webinar as a pre-qualification tool and spend time and resources only on people who have attended the webinar.  What a great way to only spend time on qualified prospects.

Using a business webinar gives you the power to speak to large amounts of people including ratios of 1-100, 1-500 or even 1-1000.  It does not matter where they are located - you can even have a global audience.  In short, you identify the people who are interested in your topic and then you know who to focus your marketing efforts on.

One of the best benefits of a business webinar is that it is a great way to hold the attention of prospective customers long enough to make the sale.  This is due to its interactive component.  You can promote an event on a webinar and put in an incentive to buy NOW as oppose to waiting until tomorrow, next week or next year to make the sale.

There is no question about the power of a business webinar, which should really be more used than it is.  It is a major piece to my marketing strategy and if you utilize them, I believe they can be a major piece of yours as well.

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