Reward Customers For “Buying Now” And Increase Sales
Published by Stephen Beck

There is some psychology behind “why buy now”. There must be a reward for buying now from you. It does not matter if you are online, offline, if you are selling a service, if you are selling tennis shoes, or if you are selling info products – there must be a reward for buying now. More importantly, there must be a consequence for NOT buying now. Having a special one-time event, such as a webinar, is one of the best ways to reward customers for buying today rather than waiting for another time.

What I mean by that is that you must create scarcity, scarcity of time. “This offer is only available until next Tuesday.” Or “The bonus is available until next Thursday.” You need to have something along those lines. There has to be a deadline so that people will feel like they need to meet that deadline.

It is also important to have scarcity in quantity. “I only have two hundred units that I can sell.” Now there has to be a reason why. You cannot say, “Well I only have two hundred ebooks I can sell because it is a digital product and my hard drive will crash!” Well that would be ridiculous.

There are ways you can limit the amount of product that you sell. For example, you may be selling one-on-one time as a consultant. You can only sell so many hours. Or you are selling a workshop; you only have so many seats. The hotel room will only fit so many people. Another example is if you are only doing a certain run, perhaps you are only creating 200 hundred at a time. If you want to be the people who get the first run, you need to be one of the first 200.

Or one of my favorites, like with stock market products, “I am only doing 200 to see how the market reacts. My stuff is SO powerful that it will rock the stock market. So I’m only going to release 200 of these so we do not ruin it for everybody else.” It should say something along those lines.

Fear of loss is another great motivator. People do not want to be left out. You can create a sense of urgency by saying, “The first five get this extra special bonus.” Or “The first seven who buy are invited to an extra special closed door webinar.” Or extra training or something similar would also work.

I hope that you get the idea that you must give customers a reason to buy now. More importantly you must have a consequence if they do not buy now. The price goes up, it is unavailable, there is something that they will be missing, or something they will not get access to. There must be a reason or a consequence for not buying now.

Events are the perfect reason for creating scarcity. Meaning, if I have a workshop, guess what? Well I only have so many seats in my workshop. Or if I have a live event, or if I have an online class…I can create an event out of anything. Even a sale, if you will, is an event.

I could have an event from now until next Tuesday. There does not have to be a huge reason. You could create an event because your dog turned 11, so you are going to have 11 bonuses that you give away with your product. And the bonuses will stop on Tuesday. So events are perfect for creating scarcity. Webinars the easiest and most cost effective way I know, to actually create events.

As you can see, it is important to reward people who buy from you now. There must be consequences if they do not buy in order to create a sense of urgency about your product or service.

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