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These Are Secrets That Have DOUBLED, then TRIPLED
My Online Income In the Past 18 Months!

I'm going to make this short and sweet...

The single biggest reason for my online success has been Webinars. Period. End of story.

Why do I love Webinars so much?

Because they saved my online business. I was creating products and having moderate success launching them using the product launch formula. But I was not getting a lot of sales AFTER the launch. And I was not getting consistent sales week in and week out. And the worst part ...I was not building my email list on a regular basis.

Sound familiar?

Well, Webinars changed all that. In fact...


Hi Stephen, we signed up a total of 22 new clients. Each client generated about $150 each per month. Based on what I paid for your course, this is an outstanding ROI!

It does not end there, as I plan to introduce more new products, just wrapping up the email one right now that I will sell at a higher rate, but I plan to sell the complete pack, SEO, PPC, Email, Twitter traffic package for $2000 dollars on Oct 20th.

So our plan is to use Webinars at the heart of the promotion to generate $1m+ of sales within 12 months of taking the Webinar seminar.

David White     UK

The 5 TRUE Reasons You Are Not Making More Money Online!

You see, here's the naked truth about why you are not making more money online ...or offline for that matter.

Reason #1 ...You don't have a product or service to sell
- Let's face it. You need your very own product to sell to really make substantial money on the Internet.

Reason #2 ...You're not in front of enough people
- Marketing is a numbers game. Maybe it's too expensive to market outside of your geographical area. Or maybe you don't have enough hours in the day to see every potential customer. Selling one to one is time consuming and expensive!

Reason #3 ...You are not in front of the right people
- You are spending time and money on people who are not interested and will never buy! You MUST have a way to get them to "raise their hand" and identify themselves as interested buyers.

Reason #4 ...You do not have their attention long enough
- It's hard to sell complicated products or services in a yellow page ad, radio spot, newspaper ad or Google adword campaign. So you end up scheduling one-on-one appointments, which is time consuming and inefficient.

Reason #5 ...You are not giving them a reason to buy NOW!
- This is probably the biggest reason you are not making more money in your online or offline business. You are not rewarding people for buying now! And more importantly, you are not creating a consequence for NOT buying now!

Webinars solve all these thorny problems. With Webinars you can...
  Easily and Quickly create a product or service to sell
(Reason #1: solved!)
  Get in front of hundreds of people, regardless of location, and sell "one to many" (Reason #2: solved!)
  Get people to raise their hand about your topic by attending your Webinar, then spend your marketing effort and dollars on them!
(Reason #3: solved!)
  GRAB their attention and keep it as long as necessary to make the sale
(Reason #4: solved!)
  CREATE an event and give them a reason to buy NOW!
(Reason #5: solved!)

No Time? This resource gave Carrie Wilkerson EVERYTHING
she needed to start doing her our Webinars!


Proof that Webinars Work!

I promote my own products through Webinars...

- My VERY FIRST Webinar made $12,166.00 in 7 days!

- I sent a few follow up emails and letters after the webinar deadline with a slightly different offer to the people who attended my VERY FIRST Webinar and made an additional $16,800.00!

I have since presented the SAME EXACT Webinar to other people's email lists to generate an additional $155,729.00 over the last 7 months!

I just did the SAME EXACT Webinar last week and made $35,000.00 in less than 3 days.

Do you see a pattern here?

I'm ultra lazy and do the SAME EXACT Webinar over and over and over and make hundreds of thousands of dollars ...AND YOU CAN TOO!

But Webinars are great for promoting other people's products as well.

  • I promoted a product for Peter Woodhead and we made $10,023.00 in 2 days.
  • I promoted Paul Evan's course and over 50% of the attendees bought the $1 trial! Now comes the monthly continuity income!
  • I promoted a product for Paul Count and we made $11,116.00 in 2 days.
  • I promoted Ray Edward's course and we made $5,467.00 in 2 days.
"My Webinars have converted at 30%+"

Getting folk to mail out for you is good. Hosting teleseminars is great. But the absolute conversion tool is Webinars.

A mail shot may convert at 3%, or a bit more if you're lucky (more likely 1% or less) but by hosting Webinars I have converted at more than 30% and never less than 10%.

All I do is log in on the day and present the webinar. What could be simpler?"

Peter Woodhead


Why Webinars Work So Well

A Webinar is EFFICIENT - With a Webinar you can create several products at one time. One Webinar can generate video, audio CD's, transcripts that you can turn into ebooks, special reports or articles and you can even create a workbook from your PowerPoint! 

You can also reach hundreds of people around the world at the same time! And get sales conversions of 10-30%. This is in no way a guarantee of income - I don't know what your topic is or how hard you will work. Your results will vary.

A Webinar is an EVENT - A Webinars makes people commit to be with you at a specific date and time. Webinars also make it EASY to have a reason to buy now!

A Webinar is ENTERTAINING - Webinars are still novel. They are great at GRABBING and KEEPING people's attention. And most importantly, they tap into the way people get their information these days - through video! When was the last time you picked up the phone to get the news? No way! Most people turn on the TV when they want to learn something and Webinars are "controlled" TV - with you in the driver's seat!

A Webinar is SUPER EFFECTIVE at SELLING - A Webinar taps into all of the senses. Webinars have a high perceived value. Webinars make it easy to explain or demonstrate abstract concepts. And they give you the unique ability to show and tell! You can involve the emotions of your Webinar attendees - which creates an uncanny bond.

Webinars are also interactive with question boxes, polls and exit surveys. And an interactive audience is a buying audience!

Moral of this story? EVERYONE, regardless of your product,
service or industry can profit from using Webinars.
And that includes online and offline businesses!

Here are just a few ways you can use Webinars to skyrocket your offline business...

  • Realtors showing a powerpoint presentation of several undervalued properties to a group of investors at the same time...

  • Chiropractors educating their prospects, then asking them to call the office for a free spinal exam...

  • Insurance people educating prospects about the different kinds of plans. You can pre-qualify people before they come into your office!

  • Network marketers showing a product and the compensation plan, then recruit them to your down-line...

  • Home builders showing the top 10 criteria for choosing a home builder, then make sure you meet all the criteria and your competition only meets a few! Then ask them to call your office for a free estimate.

  • Accountants showing the latest tax rule changes, then asking them to come in for a free assessment.

  • Not-for-profit agencies showing what they do, then asking for a donation...

  • Veterinarians showing the latest procedures, then asking them to call the office to schedule an appointment...

But What Will Stop You?

Can you see how Webinars would benefit your online or offline business? If you don't have a business right now, can you see how Webinars can help you start a profitable and rewarding online business?

If there was a way to start implementing Webinars in your business RIGHT NOW, would you want to get your hands on it immediately?

Cool. But I have a few questions for you...

  • Do you know how to write an email that makes people STOP what they are doing and go to your registration page?

    - Getting people's attention is one of the hardest things to do and I will hand you email templates that will STOP them in their tracks and get them to click over to your Webinar registration page you can have massive attendance and build a HUGE email list at the same time!
  • Do you know how to create a registration page that makes people SIGN UP for your webinar?

    - Getting them to your registration page is only the first part. But getting them to sign up for your Webinar takes special wording and psychological triggers that I will give you in a web page template that you can model and swipe!
  • Do you know how to entice people to attend your webinar LIVE? (and not just wait for the replay!)

    - Let's face it. A large percentage of people who just wait for the replay never actually watch the replay and if they do a month later, your deadline is over. There are 3 secret techniques I will share with you to get people to attend LIVE. And a LIVE attendee is a ready buyer!
  • Do you have a presentation that REALLY sells?

    - There are lots of people that are great at imparting information - they are natural teachers. But there are very few that can actually sell while giving good content. I will teach you how to not only give good content so everyone leaves your Webinar satisfied, but I will also share the secrets of selling so you can make a fortune with Webinars!

    David knew a lot about Webinars, but he needed
    the "sales" side of making money with them!


  • Do you know the 3 top methods to get BIG FISH in your niche to send their people to your Webinar?

    - Honestly, this is one of the fastest ways to fill your Webinars and make the big bucks! There are ways to approach the Big Fish in your niche and there are definitely ways not to! I will show you 3 proven ways to get Big Fish to send their big lists to your Webinars and you can build your email list at the same time!
  • Do you have follow up emails that practically guarantee that people sitting on the fence will "hop down" and buy your product or service?

    - People have a hard time making a decision. And your products and services will immensely helpful to them. So, I will hand you proven emails that get people past their indecision and buying your helpful information and services. It's a win win for everyone!

Dennis was VERY SKEPTICAL at first ...but now he is a raving fan!

  • Do you have a strategy to pre-qualify people BEFORE you spend valuable time and money on marketing to them?

    - This should not be news to you, but sending direct mail to your email list or customer list indiscriminately is a waste of time and very expensive. I show you how to use Webinars and especially the exit survey to laser target Webinar attendees who are ready to buy.  How's that for a time and money saver. This tip alone could be worth the whole price of admission!
  • Do you know how to set up and run a Webinar?

    - The technology is not that complicated, but it needs to be done correctly and in the right order. I will hand you a CD that has every step recorded so you can do it yourself ...or hand it to a virtual assistant, secretary or teenage son/daughter!
  • Do you know how to record, edit and show the replay ...and then turn every webinar into a product on physical CD's?

    - This is the secret sauce when it comes to Webinars! You can create digital and physical products at will. Create products, bonuses, information CD's or hand your Webinars out as business cards! I show you how to do all this quickly and easily!
  • Do you know the most effective follow-up techniques to make them buy AFTER they have said "No"?

    - Your sales should not stop when the Webinar deadline has expired. I will give you 3 proven follow up sequences that have generated over $155,000.00 for me in the last 7 months!

Have A Resource For You!

Figuring out how to run PROFITABLE Webinars all by yourself is a time-consuming and risky endeavor! You might as well cross the Sahara Desert without a compass!

But I have put together a fast and thorough resource that will get you up and running in no time flat!

It's time to explode your online (and offline) business! And I want to help you personally craft your presentation and sales message. Then I want to show you how to profitably use Webinars to get more sales, get them more consistently and get them more automatically! I also want to help you increase your email list at the same time.

Here is what you will get in this AMAZING resource:
  Immediate Access To Online Training! No Waiting - you can start planning and setting up your first Webinar TONIGHT!
  Complete Layout Of Your First Webinar! I will show you how to create a super profitable presentation even if you've never done this before. I will also help you brainstorm and mindmap your first presentation for maximum content and sales.
  Professional PowerPoint Presentation Ready To Go! I will then show you how to take your presentation and lay it out in PowerPoint!
  Hot Webinar Registration Web Page Online And Ready For Traffic! I will show how to create a registration page online that is ready for eager prospects to sign up and learn more about your products and services!
  And I Will Show You How To COMPLETELY Run Your First Webinar! All you do is follow my step-by-step directions! And once you do it once, you can do it again and again and again...
  And I Will Show You How To Record Your First Webinar, Edit It And Put It Online! And Then Can Sell Your Hard Copies On A CD!

The course also includes these special resources so you will have everything you need to run your own profitable Webinars!
  The ENTIRE Webinar Class on CD...So You Get EVERYTHING You Need! - Not only will you be able to watch the training online, you'll also get the recordings on CD! ($1000) 
  Virtual Assistant CD ...So You Don't Have To Do It! - EVERYTHING necessary to set up and run a profitable Webinar will be on a CD that you can hand to your virtual assistant, secretary or tech person. You don't have to know this stuff - delegate it to someone else! (Value $300)
  Webinar Set-Up Checklist ...So You Don't Miss Anything! - Never forget a single step with this handy checklist. Better yet, give it to your assistant! (Value $50) 
  Follow Up Strategies ...To Stop Leaving Money On The Table! - I have made a science out of testing and tracking. I know which offers convert non-buyers to buyers AFTER the Webinar. And I share the emails, voice broadcasts and direct mail that bring in thousands of dollars after they say "no"! (Value $300)
  Webinar Provider List ...So Nothing Will Stop You! - Although I will show you everything you need to know to setup and run your own webinar, I will also give you the names of professional technical people who can run your Webinar for you, if you want. All you do is show up! (Value $200)
  FREE Direct Mail Training ...So You Can Make More Money! - We show you how to send 500+ real cards in the mail at a touch of a button. These are NOT ecards, but greeting cards sent in the mail...that come in real envelopes! Also, you'll get cool ideas for "lumpy" mail that is guaranteed to get opened - and acted upon! (Value $200)

You will also get these special bonuses...!

Bonus #1
Niche Research Exercise ...So You Choose The Most Profitable Topic!
- My proprietary system for choosing the best niche or topic for the Internet according to your interests, passions and expertise. Great for niche research even if you already have a topic in mind! ($200) 

Bonus #2: Web Page Templates ...To Get More Attendees! -You don't have time to create your own registration page from scratch. Just follow my templates to create professional looking web pages that make people STOP and SIGN UP for your Webinar! ($200) 

Bonus #3
Email Templates ...To Get More Sales! - Getting people to attend your Webinar and buy your products and services is no easy task! Use my proven copy-rich emails embedded with psychological triggers so you can have the most profitable Webinars possible! ($200) 
Bonus #4: PowerPoint Templates ...To Look More Professional! - After doing hundreds of Webinars, I know which PowerPoint templates perform and which don't. So I have provided you with 10 professional templates in a variety of industries and niches. Just plug &'s really that easy to create your own professional powerpoint presentation (Value $200) 

Total Value Of Course And All 4 Bonuses: $2491.00!!

My "I'll Buy It Back" Guarantee!

If you are not happy with the "Get Wildly Wealthy with Webinars" Course for any reason, tell me within
30 days and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid. No harm done and we still part friends.

You can go through the whole course
and then make up your mind!

It's like getting a test drive to
make sure this will work for you!


What Are You Waiting For?

Start Making More Sales And Pocketing More Money Using Webinars ...And Use My Course To Get On The Fast Track!

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PS...If you still don't have your own product, Webinars are the quickest & easiest way to create & sell your own info product.  Take the shortcut by using Webinars and you will learn everything you need to know at our "Get Wildly Wealthy with Webinars" Online Class!

Steve and Sara say, "This is the one!"

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