Host A Webinar - It's Easier Than You Think!
Published by Stephen Beck

Want to host a webinar? Great! There are three things you must do in order to successfully hold a webinar...

1. Host a webinar
2. Conduct a webinar
3. Produce a webinar

Host a Webinar

Before you can show your information to hundreds of people at the same time, you have to choose a webinar hosting company. There are several including GoToWebinar, Web Ex, Omnovia, Adobe Connect and so on.

Most webinar hosting companies require your attendees to "register" for your webinar. You decide how much information you require for the registration, but here is a million dollar tip. If you require FULL CONTACT information, then you can remind your attendees the day of the webinar with an email ...or even an automated phone call using VoiceShot. How cool is that!

And if you have required their address as part of the registration, you can send them a piece of direct mail after the webinar to encourage more sales. You could even pick up the phone and call a few of your attendees to generate more sales!

So a webinar hosting company not only allows you to "register" your attendees, they also provide the technology so that your attendees can see your computer screen and hear your voice (either over the phone or by computer mic).

Conduct a Webinar

Once you chosen your webinar host and set up your webinar, next you will actually conduct your webinar. Usually this means your power point in "slide show" or "presentation" mode, but don't be afraid to show other things such as a spreadsheet, your favorite web sites on the internet and even a video or two.

Here's a warning about videos. Full-motion video will lag on most webinar hosting platforms, but the sound won't. So if you have a testimonial from a successful student or client you want to show, go for it! The video portion may not be in sync with the audio, but they will see the person and hear his voice and that is very powerful for sales.

Another tip when conducting a webinar is to use the "polls" feature. Your attendees will love the interaction and you will get a good sense of where their obstacles are. If you identify their problem and then offer the solution, you will have a VERY successful webinar!

Produce a Webinar

After your live webinar, you want to make a replay available. Not only is this common courtesy for those who could not attend live, but you will also generate more sales because some will watch it over again and even share the webinar replay with their friends.

So, to produce a webinar replay, you need to record the webinar on a separate computer using a software called Camtasia. The second computer logs in as an attendee, hit the record button and away you go.

You will want to separate the recording into 8-10 minute chunks to avoid buffering probelms for your viewers and then render the files in swf format. Camtasia allows you to combine these swf files into an attractive table of contents that makes it perfect for replays.

So there you have a webinar, conduct a webinar and produce a webinar. It is really not that complicated and can make you a ton of money if you do it right!

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