Increase Your Sales With Internet Based Training
Published by Stephen Beck

I'm a big FAN of internet based training. I believe it is one of the most powerful tools available to an online marketer. Why do I love it so much? For a number of reasons...

One benefit to internet based training is efficiency. You can create multiple products at once. Record the actual training itself using screen capture video and now you have a video you can sell. Remove the audio and turn it into a CD or podcast that you can sell as well.

You can also create a transcript from the audio by having someone type it up for you. That transcript can be the basis of an ebook. The powerpoint presentation that you use to conduct the training can be modified and transformed into an interactive workbook that you can turn into profit as well.

Internet Based Training

In addition to all of this, you can even take the transcript from the training and turn it into multiple articles that you can submit to different article directories online, which increases your search engine ranking with backward links to your website. With this one product, you can create at least four separate products with minimum work.

Another benefit to internet based training is the "reach" you have. One webinar allows you to present to thousands of people at the same time. The conversion rates on these types of trainings average 10% to 30% of the people who attend. I have personally seen rates as high as 33%. Imagine hosting a training session with 100 people and 33 of them purchasing your product!

The bottom line is that internet based training provides great conversion rates. It also provides you with a powerful platform to communicate to a lot of people. If you dislike one-on-one sales calls, you should seriously take a look at this strategy.

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