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Use Live Webinars For The Most Effective Presentations
by Stephen Beck

There are four ways you can format any live webinars that you host.  Today I will focus on the first way, which is the free webinar for prospects that you offer to sell your product.  The idea behind this format is to give the participants value in the first sixty minutes so that they will be willing to buy from you in the final ten to fifteenLive Webinars minutes when you tell them about your product offering.  You do this by explaining how to do whatever your topic is about and then selling them the step-by-step strategies and techniques behind how to do it.

For example, I can tell you what to do when you run a webinar, but I can sell you the nitty-gritty details on how to run a webinar. Do you see what I am saying there? I can tell you what to do when it comes to losing weight. I can cover the big picture. I can sell you the details and specifics, the step-by-step, on how to lose that weight more effectively.

Live Webinars Give Information Fast!

You want to give people information.  Let them know what they should do to get what they want, but also offer them a way to get it faster and easier through the product or service you sell.  This works consistently.  You cover the basics, but what you sell them helps them to implement those basics in a step-by-step format.  You may tell them what to do, but what you sell will show them how to do it quicker and more effectively.  This is a great way to sell software or how-to information products.

Live Webinars Make Affiliate Marketing Easy

In the ten to fifteen minutes you have for promoting your product, you can promote an information product, a software product, a physical product, or even an affiliate product. These are products that someone else sells in which you earn a commission. One good way of doing affiliate marketing is to promise a training seminar if they purchase with your affiliate link. Or demonstrate how the product worked for you and then at the end give your affiliate link where you get a certain amount of commission if your listeners buy that product.

To elaborate on selling affiliate products, in my case, a product launch formula that someone else sold was one of the best things I have ever used. It really helped my business out tremendously. If I am promoting an affiliate product, I need to show results and demonstrate how it worked for me, and then I can put my affiliate link at the back end of a webinar and I can make some money that way. If you do this with a product that has worked well for you that you really believe in, it is easy to help others see how this product is of such great value and how it can benefit them. I have found this to be especially effective with software products.

When I use this live webinar model, in which I provide great content on the large percentage of the time with a sales pitch at the end, it works well for me.  In future articles, I will reveal the other three methods of webinar models.


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