Improve Your Offline Sales Efforts By Marketing Webinars
Published by Stephen Beck

In the past I discussed why webinars are beneficial to an online business.  What you may not realize is that marketing webinars benefit an offline business also.  Done the right way, a webinar makes your marketing job easier by identifying the best prospects for your business so you can spend the large majority of your marketing effort and dollars on them.

Consider this; a person that takes the time to register for a webinar is probably interested in what I am offering.  A person that actually attends the webinar is even more interested.  A person that stays on the webinar for the entire time has an even higher level of interest.  A person who fills out the survey that I offer at the end of the webinar is likely the most interested out of them all.

In marketing webinars, I understand that there are going to be people who fall into a particular category.  They are interested in what I have to offer but have decided not to buy from me.  By using these four categories, this helps me to identify who I need to follow up with and focus my efforts on.

These people are the ones that I want to focus on.  If they got on the webinar they are worth spending time and money following up on.  Do you think it is cost effective to send a direct mail piece to my entire list?  Absolutely not!  I would lose a lot of money.  The reason why is because there will be a lot of people who receive email, phone calls and snail mail from me who do not have a high level of interest.  It would be a waste of time, effort and money for me to market my business in that fashion.

On the other hand, I am sure you can see how marketing webinars help to select the best prospects for follow up.  With a minimum amount of effort I am able to capitalize on a list of people who I know have a much higher level of interest in what I am offering.

This is why webinars are such a powerful tool for identifying the best prospects, the people who are interested in what you have to offer.  Otherwise you will be wasting your money.

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