5 Fabulous Features Of Online Web Conferencing With Webinars
Published by Stephen Beck

Webinars offer a variety of special features that are not shared by other mediums of presentation, especially virtual presentations. Here are a few features that make online web conferencing with webinars an amazing platform for selling products or services.

1. Questions boxes
When I run a webinar, I have a question and answer box where anyone attending my webinar can type in a question for me. I can respond to the question right away or at the end of the webinar. On certain types of webinars, I allow for some time for answering questions at the end of my presentation. Try doing all this on a tele-seminar. Try doing all this on really any other kind of medium; it just does not work very well.

2. Make the most of your presentation
You can really get your PowerPoint presentation to work for you with webinars. A webinar is so much more powerful than a teleseminar in that your listeners are not just listening along with you, but are also watching along with you as you go through your interactive PowerPoint presentation. This really helps them visually get a feel for what you are talking about and increase their understanding of your message.

3. Conduct an exit survey
At the end of a webinar, you can conduct a survey. This is solid gold. I like to ask people if they liked the webinar, and also if they would recommend this webinar to their friends and family. This is helpful for me on a number of levels. For starters, I have a better idea of who is interested in my products based on their responses. So I can target my follow up starting with the most interested. An added bonus is that I can generate instant testimonials because of this exit survey.

4. Total involvement of listeners
Why do webinars work so well? A webinar is super effective at selling. It occupies all the senses. People hearing you, they see you, they use their mouse button to interact with you. It is a total involvement of the senses and as a result it is a higher perceived value than any other kind of sales presentation. It is far better than just hearing my voice. Or it is better than just reading my words in an ebook or something to that effect. Because people can hear the inflection in my words, it is easier to abstract concepts.

5. Allow you to involve their emotions.
Webinars allow you to “show and tell.” You can demonstrate software. You can show personal pictures of how a certain product has helped you. On one of my webinars, I showed my listeners picture of my recent trip to Ireland. I could describe these things until I was blue in the face, but you would never see how green the Irish countryside was by my verbal or written description alone. You can demonstrate websites, membership sites and just about anything else you can dream up. You can demonstrate products or services that might be available in your retail store. Webinars are just super effective at selling. The bottom line is that emotions sell and the more interactive you can be on a webinar visually, the better your sales will most likely be.

I am not knocking other methods of selling. I have tried and used most of them. However, I have found the webinar to be a solid and worthwhile use of my time over and over again.

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