Online Webinars: Events Worth Your Time And Effort
Published by Stephen Beck

Online webinars are nothing more than events.  The fact that they are events is one of the reasons why they are so effective.  When you schedule a webinar it takes place at a certain day and time.  This makes people commit to attending.

When someone is willing to make a commitment, it qualifies that person as a serious prospect for your business.  Events are a great way to get prospects to buy today.  Previously I discussed the power of scarcity, deadlines, time, limited quantity and fear of loss.

Online webinars have an entertainment factor.  They have a certain level of novelty.  This gives them a certain level of intrigue to them.  Many people who conduct webinars are not highly entertaining yet they are able to get people to stay on the line to the very end.  The reason why is not because they are entertaining.  The reason why is because the webinar itself is entertaining.

Webinars are not something that people participate in daily.  Email lists were like that at a time, but now everyone is on a list of some sort.  Tele-seminars were also a new idea.  They are not new anymore but not outdated either.  Webinars not only are not outdated, they are still interesting.

A big benefit to online webinars is their ability to involve all senses of the body.  Participants have to watch, listen and get to ask questions if they want to.  This is the best way for adults to learn and retain information, which is why webinars are so effective.

Consider the fact that when you need information, the phone is not necessarily the first place you go.  Many of us do not even read a newspaper anymore.  We might browse through it, but the majority of us rely on the television or the internet for the information we want.  Online webinars combine elements of TV as well as the internet, which is why they work so well.

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