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3 Webinar How To Steps!
Published by Stephen Beck

Webinars are not as hard as they look if you know a few webinar how to tips ... and they can absolutely skyrocket your online or offline business. In fact, webinars convert attendees into buyers at a rate of 10% - 30%. Got your attention? Great, then let's see what you need to host your own profitable webinar.

The first webinar how to step is creating a killer powerpoint presentation. You have to walk the tight-rope of giving enough content so that your attendees will feel that it is worth their time and attention, but you must also create a hunger for more.

Let's face it. You can NOT teach all there is to know about your topic in a 60-minute presentation. And your attendees can not learn all they need to know in order to be successful from a 60-minute presentation. So, you owe it to them (and yourself) to offer "continuing education" at the end of your webinar. That continuing education can be in the form of a book, a service or a home study course - whatever you are offering.

So, when creating a webinar, you need to balance the need for sharing good information with creating a desire to know more about your topic. And that desire to know more should translate into product sales.

The second webinar how to step is finding a webinar hosting platform. There are a variety of webinar hosting solutions for all types of budgets. Choosing the right one for you depends on how you will use it. If you plan on having a lot of people at the same time (over 1000), a pay per attendee per minute may be the way to go.

If you can limit your webinars to 1000 attendees and plan on having a lot of webinars per month, a monthly flat rate for webinar hosting would probably be the better way to go. Most of the webinar hosting companies have similar features, so it usually comes down to usage and attendance size.

The third webinar how to step is inviting people to your webinars. Once you have your webinar ppt created and chosen a company to host your webinar, now you need to think about who to invite to your webinar.

The easiest place to start is your in-house email list. Haven't been collecting emails? Shame on you! But not to worry. There are companies that can do a reverse email list for you. You give them your customer list with physical addresses and they will return the list with email addresses added!

After your own email list, visit blogs, forums and Yahoo Groups that cater to your target market. Write a content-driven post or answer a question, then leave the webinar invitation in your signature. Other places to find attendees for your webinar are facebook, twitter, Google buzz, squidoo and myspace. In fact, announce your webinar in all the social media places and even submit an online press release.

And finally, don't forget affiliates. Your competitors and other people you do business with would be happy to send their subscribers to your webinar if there is an incentive for them. Promise them a cut of the sales for people that buy using their affiliate link. Or promise a reciprocal webinar - you will send your subscribers to their webinar if they send their subscribers to yours!

So these are the 3 essential webinar how to steps to creating and hosting your own webinars. None of it is rocket science, but do these 3 things and you will see your sales skyrocket like never before!


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