Webinar Strategy- The Do's and Don't's
Published by Stephen Beck

Webinar strategy. Get this wrong and all your hard work will be for naught.

First, what do you want to accomplish with your webinar? Do you want to educate your audience? Do you want to sell your products and services at the end? Do you want to train existing customers or employees?

Different goals require different webinar planning and webinar strategy. For example, if you are trying to educate your audience about your product or service, do you have a "call to action" included? Meaning, are you asking them to do something with the education they have just received? Like, call your office, visit your website or click on a "buy it" button?

If you are trying to sell a product on your webinar, design your webinar presentation with the pitch in the middle and your best points at the end. That way, they will remain on the webinar through the pitch in order to get to the best points at the end.

Another webinar strategy (especially for professionals who are selling their services) is the "how to choose a qualified professional" webinar presentation. List ten essential qualifications for choosing [your profession] and then make sure you are the only one that meets all ten qualifications! You determine the qualifications, you choose the top ten that ONLY YOU meet!

Another webinar strategy is to explain a very complicated process and then, offer the "done for you" service at the end. Tax attorneys could design a webinar about the top five tax changes for the coming year and explain them in great details. Even down to which forms to file by what deadlines.

Then, after you explain everything they have to do and warn them of the penalties if they do it wrong, offer to do all of it for them for a reasonable fee. You will have educated them and relieved their burden at the same time! This could work for just about any service professional.

One more webinar strategy is pre-qualification through education. Imagine a webinar presentation that educates the prospect about your products and services BEFORE they get on the phone with you. They will be pre-qualified and they will see you as the expert in your field. After all, you are the only service professional that they have seen on a webinar.

A good example of this would be lasik eye surgery. A 60-minute webinar presentation with question and answer at the end would go a long way to screening the serious prospects from the people who are just looking. And the call to action at the end would recommend they call your office for an appointment to see if they are a qualified candidate.

Imagine the qualified applicants you would get if they were devoted enough to sit through a 60-minute webinar and then pick up the phone to call your office! Your closing ratio would go through the roof!

Hopefully, you are seeing the huge possibilities that good webinar strategy and solid webinar planning can open up for you. If you design webinar with the right goal in mind and include a call to action in your webinar presentation, there is no end to the amount of qualified customers and leads you will attract!

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