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Stephen Beck

From: Stephen Beck
RE: How To Use Webinars To:
- Increase Sales
- Qualify Prospects
- Create New Products
...And Put Sales of Your Existing Product or
   Service On Steroids!

Dear Friend,

If you want webinar "how to" secrets for easily creating a high quality information product to sell ...or if you want a super-effective way to tell more people about your products and services ...or if you want the secret ingredient to getting the attention of Big Players in your niche or industry ...then register NOW for one of the most important marketing webinars you'll watch all year!

Here's why...

My online business DOUBLED, then TRIPLED when I learned how to use webinars. In fact, webinars are the EASIEST and FASTEST way to sell more products and services ...and I have tried just about everything! In this "how to" webinar, I will show you more about making people STAND UP, TAKE NOTICE and happily whip out their credit cards to buy your valuable products and services than I have ever revealed before!

I will also reveal the webinar models that have increased my online business exponentially - webinar models that you can take and use IMMEDIATELY after the webinar!

This WEBINAR is absolutely free. You will be able to see and hear me on your computer, but you must register NOW to lock-in your spot and get the special webinar link. We only booked 50 lines (and my staff takes up 3 of those spots), which means ...there's just 47 spaces remaining!

Here are just a few secrets I will be revealing...

  • How a successful Internet Marketer raised his sales letter conversion from 3% to 30% using Webinars ...almost by magic!

  • Why Webinars are the most effective sales tool (second only to live events) ...and how you can use them to sell more of your product or service and consistently sell it day in and day out!

  • 3 ways you can use Webinars to create an information product from scratch ...so you put in the effort in one time, record your webinar and sell it over and over and over!

  • The difference between an information Webinar and one that sells (it's more than what you think ...and you'll discover how confusing the two will cause you to crash and burn) ...The abc's of webinar planning, webinar presentation and your webinar ppt!

  • 5 Webinar MODELS that make extraordinary profits and give you tremendous freedom ...so you can spend time on what matters most! Using webinar strategy and webinar tools to their fullest!

  • How to use Webinars to Pre-Qualify your prospects so you can concentrate your marketing efforts and dollars on them ...instead of wasting time and money on prospects that will never buy from you!

  • The secret ingredient to getting Big Players in your niche or industry to send their huge email lists to your Webinar ...thus exploding the size of your email list overnight!

Bottom Line: On this 45-minute Webinar, you'll discover more about how to create an information product with hardly any money and hardly any time ...than you've ever heard anyone reveal before!

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I guarantee this will be one of the most informative and profitable marketing webinars you have ever attended!

Talk to you soon :-) 

Stephen Beck

P.S. - The webinar strategies I will show you are so powerful, they should be OUTLAWED! Your competition won't know what hit 'em! Click here to reserve your seat on the webinar now. (It's FREE!)

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