Webinar Planning - 3 Myths About Planning Your Webinars
Published by Stephen Beck

There are 3 myths that will keep you from planning and implementing webinars into your online or offline business right now. And that's a shame, because webinars are so helpful for teaching other people how to do anything they don't have the time or energy to learn by themselves. Which is a great way to make a lot of money as well.

By carefully planning webinars, you can teach people anywhere in the world without having to leave the comfort of your home. And that means you will have a steady stream of customers all across the globe. Talk about diversification!

So, here are the MYTHS that cause people to shy away from webinar planning...

MYTH #1 -  It's too expensive to conduct a webinar!

While there is an initial investment up front and a learning curve, the outcome far outweighs the investment. For example we have never made less than $3000 - $5000 from a webinar presentation. Figure in that number and the costs of proper webinar planning look pretty small! You can be profitable from your first webinar.

MYTH #2 - Webinars are only profitable with big-ticket items.

This is simply not true. You can actually make quite good money with small ticket items like $29 ebooks, which require very little in terms of capital investment. For example, my wife Kerry planned a webinar with her $37 “Raising Leaders, Not Followers” ebook and she made over $16,000 on that webinar. So it's not just expensive workshops or high dollar courses that benefit from a good webinar strategy.

MYTH #3 - There are too many technical difficulties to host a webinar.

I will admit that there are technical aspects to planning and running your own webinars. However, they are things that you can learn. I actually have a course available that offers step-by-step instructions on webinar planning as well as webinar setup and running your very own webinar. And if you do not want to learn the content yourself, you can have someone else do it for you. That way, you are only focusing on the webinar presentation.

So, don't believe the myths about how hard it is to plan a webinar. Just put yourself in your customer's shoes, give great content, make an offer and give them a reason to buy now! You will be amazed at the results.

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