Webinar Presentation Follow-Up: Successful Direct Mail Strategies
Published by Stephen Beck

After a webinar presentation, you need to enact some good follow-up strategies for the ones who said "no" and stop leaving money on the table! Actually you could also follow-up with the ones that said "yes" and sell them something else or offer them an upgrade. Here are some of the ways I have found to be effective in following up with people through direct mail after a webinar presentation.

Follow-up the week after your webinar presentation deadline with a piece of direct mail. Offer them a crazy dollar trial for 30 days. After another week, you can follow-up with a shipping & handling offer for the physical version. For example: "You did not buy my online course. Hey, how about if you just pay shipping & handling, I will send it to you and I will just charge your card in 30 days."

You can follow-up a week after that (3 weeks after your webinar presentation) with lumpy mail - something so crazy-looking that it is guaranteed to get opened! If you get a vinyl bank bag with the name of a bank printed on the outside, I can almost guarantee you are going to open that zipper and look inside. Now I can't guarantee that you will buy it, but you will be intrigued enough to open the bag and at least look at my sales letter!

Or maybe if you got at small plastic trash can in the mail, wouldn't you open to see inside just out of curiosity? I have even heard of sending half an envelope, with half a sales letter in it, as a "half off" sale. Now how cool is that? There are so many ways that you can get creative here.

By adding these three follow-up sequences, we have doubled our sales in the past nine months. It is "found" money - money that was just lying on the table that I was able to collect by putting in a few follow-up campaigns. What a loss it would have been if I had not taken the time to follow-up!

The bottom line is that follow-up is very necessary after a webinar presentation. These are just a few ways that I've found to be successful in following up with potential customers after a webinar presentation. Try some of these strategies and see if they do not make a huge difference in your profits. Get creative and try some new strategies of your own, too!

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